David Vespoli

Full Stack UX Developer

About Me

I am a full-stack developer based in Phoenix, AZ with over 10 years of varied technical experience but with an emphasis on front-end. I thoroughly enjoy developing great user interfaces and applications using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Creating a great user experience is always a priority and it guides everything I build. Need someone comfortable working deep in your PHP, Java or C# codebase? Let's do this!


  • JavaScript (vanilla, jQuery, Angular.js, Vue.js), HTML (Jade/Pug and Haml), CSS (LESS and Sass), working knowledge of PHP and C#
  • Preferred Workflow: Git, NPM, Bower, Gulp, Pug, Sass, OSX, Sublime
  • End to end Drupal and Wordpress
  • Also comfy with SVN. Experience with TFS and CVS
  • I've worked in LAMP, .NET and Java environments
  • Some things I've used on projects: Google Maps API, Twitter API, D3.js, Backbone.js, Lodash, Facebook API, Flickr API, Foundation, Ionic, Cordova, Compass, Extjs, Bootstrap, Wicket, SSIS, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Angular MD


Senior Application Developer

@ Omnitec Solutions, Inc. / May 2017 — Present

With a dynamic team of talented developers I help to develop and maintain some of the most visible sites in the world using a Microsoft stack including C#, SQL Server and DNN.

Security Clearance

Owner, UX Developer/Designer (Freelance)

@ tailw.ag (previously Flipout Design) / January 2005 — Present

I can work with variety of clients from large development teams that simply need to augment their current resources to small business owners and non-profit groups that need me to handle the full project from deign to implementation.

When scale or timeline dictates I can enlist other freelance developers and designers from my network of contacts. Find out more about my experience at http://davidvespoli.com/projects/

Javascript, UI Development Lead (Contract)

@ Bridge Energy Group / March 2016 — Sept 2016

Worked with our partners at Space Time Insight to implement BI solutions which include data visualization, geospatial and other analytical tools, to help our client APS better understand a variety of facets in their business. A host of different technologies in the stack including Java, C#, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, SSIS, ESRI, Kendo UI.

Front End Development Practice Lead

@ EPAM (previously NavigationArts) / October 2010 — March 2016

Working at an agency is great if you like to get a variety of projects and with NavArts I had opportunities to build some very high profile, award winning client sites.

As Practice Lead I was able to dig in early on projects and work out the technical architecture with other specialists both internal and external. Some of those projects I was the primary developer, but it wasn't uncommon to tag-team projects with other UI Engineers to accommodate resourcing and schedules.

With a great platform from which to guide the technical direction of the front end team I was able to establish best practices, including the ever evolving project baseline that I still use today.

Previously held a TS clearence needed for one of my projects.

UX Development Lead

@ Wealthminder / September 2013 — December 2013

Helped develop the MVP product intended to help investors manage and plan their investment portfolio. Analysis of aggregated assets (similar to Mint) provided users with real time information about their investments across accounts.

Application was developed using MV* architecture with technologies such as Backbone.js, Lodash.js, Jade, SCSS and fed via RESTfull web services provided by a Scala back end.

Web Developer

@ Georgetown University / December 2008 — October 2010

Primary focus in front end/UI development but also involved throughout entire project life cycle from discovery and requirements building, to development of wireframes and design concepts (mock ups), development of markup (HTML), presentation (CSS) and behavior (JavaScript) and implementation in the University's proprietary CMS (ColdFusion)

Created and documented a set of University standards (HTML and CSS) for wireframes, naming conventions and a standardized global JavaScript library (jQuery and selected plugins) to promote consistency with in-house and vendor web development. Provided vendor training, documentation and support to ensure compliance.

Developed University Maps application using jQuery and Google Maps API v3 which runs on JSON output from a Django back end. Application also pulls in related Flickr content via API and displays other related media such as video when available.

Technical Consultant, Trading Analyst

@ Charles Schwab / 1999–2005

Originally a trader but after a few opportunities to do some fun things in VBA and Extra! Basic I was hooked. I decided I'd rather play with code than people's money and never looked back. I performed typical duities specific to my series 7 and 8, like reviewing trusts or options applications but toward the end of my tenure I began to focus more on activities like building trading macros to automate account calculations (margin, options requirements, effect of a trade on an account, etc). It was also my first exposure to web development, where I created a reporting application for Phoenix Operations that provided a web front end pointed at an Access database, which consumed data from an Oracle data mart.

Held NASD Series 7, 63, 9, 10 licenses while at Schwab.